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The Cindy & Duncan
Campbell Gallery


SFF Presents finalized the purchase of the Sisters Art Works building in December of 2019, completing a two-year, $1.4 million capital campaign that included upgrades and additions to our home office and site of our largest Sisters Folk Festival venue. Two of the largest contributors to the campaign were Cindy and Duncan Campbell, who are well-known in Oregon for their philanthropic efforts as founders of Friends of the Children, a nationwide organization dedicated to breaking the generational cycle of poverty. 


We are proud to offer the gallery in their name to local and regional artists as a low-pressure space to display their work. We do not take commission on pieces sold in the gallery and we do not charge any fees to host a show. 


MAY 3 - JUNE 7, 2024


Stop by the Campbell Gallery this month to view the 2024 AP Art & Design Showcase. 16 students have been working all year to build a ten piece portfolio to demonstrate their exploration and experimentation in a sustained investigation of their choice. Students worked in a variety of media, and have their artist statements available on display.


Presley Adelt, Grade 12 - Sculpture

Hailey Asson, Grade 12 - Painting

Ellie Bates, Grade 12 - 2D Media

Timber Bionda, Grade 12 - Woodworking

Jay Bolam, Grade 11 - Digital Media

Abby Christopher, Grade 12 - 2D Media

Araiya Grummer, Grade 12 - Sculpture & Ceramics

Ezer Harris, Grade 12 - Drawing

Riley Kerkmann, Grade 12 - Jewelry

Bryant Leaver, Grade 12 - Painting

Sam Liddell, Grade 11 - Sculpture Media

Parker Miller, Grade 12 - Ceramics

Ava Riehle, Grade 11 - Jewelry & Sculpture

Charlotte Seymour, Grade 12 - Painting

Lilly Sundstrom, Grade 12 - Drawing & Painting

Kaleb Woods, Grade 12 - Sculpture

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